Lucy Heart Star's debut album NOW IS THE TIME was released in October 2007.

Song List:
1. The Party (mp3)
2. I Think You Know (mp3)
3. Love Me (mp3)
4. Now Is The Time (mp3)
5. Halloween Sailors (mp3)
6. We Don't Have to be Alone (mp3)
7. Fields of Compassion (mp3)
8. What You Can Do (mp3)
9. Bound to Find Me (mp3)

The album offers an uplifting spirit, with musical flavors of folk, rock, bluegrass, and some Near-Eastern sounds to compliment the Sufi-inspired lyrics.

3 songs borrow heavily from the work of the Persian Sufi poet Hafiz-al-Shiraz, and echoes of Rumi can be heard throughout. One song quotes a childhood trick-or-treat-dream-memory by San Francisco author Richard Brautigan. The final track, "Bound to Find Me," might almost pass for a traditional Appalachian song.

Supporting musicans include:
Jeff Ball, Bob Bencze, Marca Cassity, Adam Chew, Stephanie DeLage, Danny Knicely, Leo Lorinzoni, Max Meltin, Rob Remington, Tobe Terrell, Les Thompson, Rannie Winn

NOW IS THE TIME was recorded, produced, engineered, and mixed by Max Meltin.